In today’s time, Task Mate App has created panic on Google Play Store. Ever since the app was launched in Beta Version, people have become crazy about this app.

If you are thinking of registering then you are in the right place. Because here you get the Referral code from which you can register. In this article, I am going to tell about what is Google Task.

How to download Task Mate?

Go to the Google Play Store to download the Google Task Mate app.

Search Task Mate after going to Google Play Store.

After this, you can install it on the phone by clicking on Install.

How to get task in task app?

Completing Survery through Google Tasks, entering shop information, completing such tasks can earn money sitting at home.

How to Join Task mate?

To join Google Task Mate, first download and install Google Task Mate.

Open the app after installing it.

After opening the app, the email ID has to be selected.

Language has to be selected on the next page. Referral Code is required as soon as the language is selected. After which Google user can easily earn money.

What kind of tasks are given on Google Task Mate?

Different types of tasks are given through the app released by Google which is as follows.

  • Completing the task by answering the questions.
  • Updating photo of any mall, shop, house.
  • To transcribe.
  • Completing the Survey.
  • Checking shop details.
  • Translate language


In this article What is Google Task Mate? And how to download them has been told. It has also been told in this article that only Referral Code should be used while joining.

If you want to know about earning money every day, then you have to download and install the Google Tasks app.

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