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A family history book is a real object of pride and happiness for the family that cannot be equal to anything else. A family history book should ideally have everything about the family from the achievements to the ancestors.

A lot of people embark on the journey of writing and editing their own family book. It can even be compared to personal historical storytelling. That is why it is important to get it right especially when it comes to autobiographical editing of such kind.

People might have experience with writing but they might not have experience in personal narrative editing. They might also not have the experience of proofreading family memoirs.

If you want to learn about how to write a family history book then family history book examples will help you a lot. And you can even look at family history book layout ideas to get a better understanding.

We will not give you any suggestions for writing a family history book because that is up to you. But we are definitely going to help you in self-editing the family history book.


·       Change Your Perspective

One of the most important things that any professional writer will tell you is that you need to distance yourself from your creation. That is why if you want to understand that text and edit it you need to do something.

The first thing you need to do after you finish writing is to take a break. This break will allow you to distance yourself from your writing.

The reason why we are telling you to distance yourself from your creation is that it will help you change your perspective. Changing the perfect will make it easier for you to criticize the text and edit it.

In order to edit the text, you need to look at it from the perspective of a reader rather than a writer. This is because you need to edit it in a way that is comprehensible to all the other members of your family not just yourself. 

You need to have a good sense of the target audience.

When it comes to a family history book it is twice as challenging because the audience can be your elders and it can even be the younger members of your family. 

That is why you need to write it in a way that is appropriate for all.

·       Use Professional Help for Proofreading

If you are proofreading a text for the first time then we would suggest you not do it for the family history book. This is because of the level of importance attached to this book.

In fact, if you do not want to become a professional book editor then you do not need to even acquire proofreading skills. This is because proofreading is now easier than ever with the help of professional tools and professional help.

You can hire a professional proofreader in order to do the proofreading for you but there is a better type of option. We are of course talking about professional softwares that are going to do the proofreading for you.

There are good proofreaders available online like Hemingway and Grammarly.

They will help you do the proofreading automatically without much trouble. And yes, you can subscribe to their premium plans for better results.

·       Involve Experts in Your Team

It is always a good thing to involve experts in your team whenever you are editing something. Perhaps if you are editing something about Roman history then it would be wise to have an expert just for that.

It is also the same case when you are editing your family history book. The experts are clearly not someone from outside the family.

The best experts, in this case, are going to be elders from your family who know family history better than you. This can include retired uncles or grandparents.

They will help you fact-check things written in the manuscript. They will also help you with multiple things such as the flow and readability of the text.

And if you can involve someone who is a writer then it is even better.

·       Pay Attention to The Timeline

You can choose any kind of style you want. 

But it is always wise to follow the natural timeline of your family. You can of course mix and match events which relate to each other for more dramatization. 

For example, you can mention when your grandfather got a job and then relate it to one of his grandsons getting the job at the same age.

But when you mix and match you can do it as little anecdotes here are there. You must keep the actual order of the book through a simple timeline that progresses gradually with time.

·       Never Forget Visual Elements

What makes a history book good is the pictures. It can even be diagrams but you must of course never forget to add visual elements.

Every good family history book contains pictures of old houses where the family lived. You can even include pictures of significant events in the family.

You can also include photos of your elders doing their job. The more pictures you add to the book the livelier it becomes.

Try to add pictures of family weddings and also try to add pictures of family members when they were young.

If you do this then all your family members are going to love the family history book and are going to ask for a copy.

These were a few simple tips that will help you self-edit your family history book. After which you can self-publish your family history book. It would not be like publishing a regular book because you do not need a lot of books just for your family members.

There are definitely good publishing houses out there that will do family history book printing for small batches.

However, if you think that it is difficult to write or edit a family history book then you are correct because it is quite a responsibility. 

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