In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, there are many things to do.

Street Fighter 6 has a lot of different ways to play, so fans can choose how they want to play. The grandiose World Tour mode was introduced for the first time in Street Fighter 6. Players can start a single-player journey through the world of Street Fighter and face off against opponents and teachers from all over the world in World Tour.

Gamers will also be able to make their own character to go on adventures with and give them almost any mix of moves that characters like Ryu have learned in Street Fighter 6. In World Tour mode, fans can do a lot of things to keep them busy. Even more, players can get a “part-time job.”

The Story


The story is the most important part of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode. Players start out as trainees at Luke’s gym in the United States, but soon they will go on a trip around the world while learning from different Street Fighter 6 characters. There is also a rival called Bosch who is a big part of the story of World Tour.

In World Tour mode, you can tell story quests by the bright red icon that shows up on the map. Players will have to move forward in the story to get more moves, masters, and places.


In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, sub-missions are just side quests that players can do to earn more money or experience. Fans can sometimes get new clothes or items from these side quests, which makes them a fun thing to do. As players progress through the story tasks in World Tour mode, more and more Sub-missions will open up around the map.

Sub-missions are easy to find on the map because they have a light blue icon. Some side tasks also let you use bus stops, which are important if you want to move around quickly.

Pick Up A Part-Time Job

Even though it’s not a real part-time job, Street Fighter 6 players can do these “part-time job” things, which are some of the most fun and satisfying things to do in Metro City. In World Tour mode, players can find and do part-time jobs as extra things to do. These are great ways for new people to make money quickly.

At the HadoPizza pizza food truck in Metro City, players will soon be able to make their own pizza. Over time, players will be able to do things like break boards as a side job. Each of these jobs helps players improve their skills in some way, like learning how to enter moves and where to attack.

Fight Almost Anyone You See

Many people like World Tour because they can fight with almost any character they find on Street Fighter 6’s map. This is one of the best things about Tunnel Rush game. The most popular thing to do in Metro City, which is where Street Fighter 6 takes place, is to fight on the streets.

Still, it is possible to fight citizens walking on the sidewalks, street vendors selling food, and even an older couple enjoying their time by the ocean. Above that NPC is a level indicator, and players can start a fight by hitting the appropriate button or using a Master Action.

Train With Masters

In Street Fighter 6, Masters are the characters on the list that players use in regular Street Fighter games. Beginning with World Tour, players will learn from Luke, the master. When you study under a master, you learn the fighting style, special moves, poses, and even Super Arts of that character. People who play Street Fighter 6 will be able to use some of the best characters.

All over the world, you can find these masters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and E. Honda. To raise the rank of a master, players must beat opponents while using that master’s fighting style or other special moves. This will let that master learn more moves, and maybe even Super Arts in the long run.

Shop Around

Even in the World Tour mode, fighting is the main thing to do in Street Fighter 6. But that doesn’t mean that when playing the single-player game, players have to fight every minute.

In Street Fighter 6, players can look around Metro City’s many shops. These shops have clothes that players can put on their characters, a way to improve gear, a way to change the colour of clothes, and even a shop where players can pay 1000 Zenny to change the whole look of their custom avatar.

Avatar Battles

The Battle Hub is another type of game mode that can be found on the main screen. Players can also get to the Battle Hub from the World Tour world map. The Battle Hub is a place for people to meet up and play together. It has shops, video games, and a lot more. The Battle Hub also has a place where players can meet and fight with their unique avatars against each other.

Avatar battles are a fun way to show off custom-made characters and try out custom move sets against real people, even though there is no level scaling. Even if some movesets seem unfair because they use moves from different characters, avatar fights are still fun.

You can play Street Fighter 6 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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