Strand can be built around more than a dozen strong Fragments. Who has the most power in Destiny 2?

Guardians can use the power of Strand in Destiny 2: Lightfall. Strand is a mysterious force that holds the world together. Once you master this Darkness subclass, you’ll be able to grapple across huge distances, keep enemies in the air, or make an army of explosive pets.

But your build, like all Destiny subclasses, depends a lot on Fragments to work. Strand has 14 great Fragments that players can use. These range from useful buffs to tools for making strong abilities. In this list, we’ll compare all Strand Fragments to each other and rank them based on how useful they are in both PvE and PvP.

Thread Of Wisdom

If you kill a target in the air with a headshot, an Orb of Power will appear, which will cause an eight-second pause. This isn’t a bad Fragment by itself, but compared to the other great Strand Fragments, Thread of Wisdom falls short in many ways. There are so many ways to get Orbs of Power that it’s not worth it to use a Fragment slot to make them, especially since there are no stat boosts and the cooldown is longer.

Thread Of Transmutation

The way it’s talked about in this Fragment makes it sound much better than it is. While Woven Mail is on you, your weapons, in addition to your Strand powers, can also make Tangles. With this affect, you can’t make a Tangle appear more than once every 12 seconds.

Using this Fragment gives you a little more control over how you make Tangles. This can be useful for some PvP builds, but most Strand builds don’t have much trouble making Tangles as they are. Thread of Transmutation is a good choice for some PvP builds that want to hit triple 100 stats because of its stat bonus, but its niche isn’t needed in PvE.

Thread Of Finality

Even though it says “Threadlings” in the description, Thread of Finality only creates one Threadling when you use a finisher on a PvE enemy. The Threadling acts like all of the other Strand minions: it rushes its target and then explodes, dealing mild damage.

It’s not a bad Fragment by any means, but most builds are better off using other Strand Fragments instead of Thread of Finality. Since you can’t use finishes on enemy Guardians, this Fragment can only help your Recovery in PvP.

Thread Of Fury

When you hit an enemy with a Tangle, you get about 10% more striking energy. The amount you get depends on how many enemies you hit. In theory, that sounds great, but if you set off the Tangle with your weapon, Thread of Fury won’t work. To get power, you have to throw the Tangle.

You can get around this by using the passive effect of the Untangler Artefact, but that effect will go away when Season of Defiance finishes. Without taking into account the passives of Artefacts, this Fragment is only useful for Strand builds that use Tangles often as mobile gripping points. Thread of Fury isn’t worth using for builds that want to blow up Tangles that aren’t moving, which is mostly Broodweavers and Berserkers.

Thread Of Isolation

When the target takes multiple precise hits, it will let out a wave of Strand energy, which will reduce the damage it does for a few seconds. This debuff is great for lowering the amount of damage a boss does in endgame PvE, but that’s about the only time it really shines.

You can suspend the target just as quickly with your class ability or Shackle Grenades for most PvE content. This could be useful for Funny Shooter players if the enemy team roams together, but unless you have perfect aim, don’t expect it to happen often. Don’t underestimate this Fragment for GM Nightfalls and Master raids, but most things aren’t hard enough to justify using Thread of Isolation.

Thread Of Rebirth

When you use a Strand weapon to kill three enemies or two Guardians, a Threadling will appear. It will look for a close target before exploding. This is a great way to give your Strand guns the ability to kill adds in PvE areas. Thread of Rebirth is good for PvP because it makes it easy to put pressure on the other team and kill them quickly.

Broodweaver Warlocks will use this Fragment a lot because their Threadlings will be able to sit on their bodies. Threadrunners and Berserkers might find that Thread of Propagation is a better way to improve their weapon’s ability to clear adds.

Thread Of Evolution

Everyone who wants to build a Threadling must use Thread of Evolution. This makes your Threadlings much more dependable, which makes them move much faster and do about 25% more damage. Even though the extra harm is nice, the best thing about this Fragment is that it makes your Threadlings move faster.

When Threadlings move faster, it’s easier for them to follow targets or, if there are no enemies nearby, land on you if you’re a Broodweaver. Thread of Evolution is a must-have for any Threadling build. For everyone else, this Fragment is safe to ignore.

Thread Of Binding

Thread of Binding is a Fragment that looks weaker than it really is. When your Super kills a target, that enemy’s body will release a wave of Strand energy that suspends all targets in its blast radius. This blast is like a Shackle Grenade, lasts eight seconds, and doesn’t have a cooldown.

This Fragment is great for Threadrunners and Berserkers, but it doesn’t help much with the Broodweaver’s Super.With this one Fragment, Silkstrike and Bladefury can both stunlock large groups of enemies at once. This lets them fight tough enemies like Wyverns and even Champions. Thread of Binding is a great choice if you have room in your build for an extra Fragment. It also increases your Resilience, which makes it a good choice for PvP.

Thread Of Propagation

After you kill an enemy with a physical ability, your Strand weapons will have Unravelling Rounds for the next ten seconds, letting them shoot Unravel projectiles at enemies they hurt. The effect itself doesn’t do much damage, but once those rounds hit every target, Unravelling Rounds can make your Strand weapon much better at clearing adds.

In PvE, a fast-firing weapon with Unravelling Rounds can do a lot of damage to large groups of people. The best part is that grapple melees can also cause this perk, which means that with the right build, your Unravelling Rounds will be on almost all the time. Even though it’s not often used in PvP, Thread of Propagation is a great choice for all PvE builds that use Strand weapons.

Thread Of Continuity

With this Fragment worn, your Strand debuffs last 50 percent longer in both PvE and PvP. Even though Sever and Unravel don’t get much out of this Fragment, Suspend is such a powerful CC tool that making it last longer is S-tier.

Suspend stops PvE enemies from moving at all and makes rival Guardians much slower. When you’re outnumbered in a gunfight, extending that damage can make it much easier to win. It also gives your stats a boost, making this the most useful Fragment Strand has to offer. Thread of Continuity is always a good choice when you don’t know what to run.

Thread Of Ascent

Thread of Ascent was made for people who run on Thread. When you use your grenade ability, you quickly reload your current weapon and get a buff that gives you a +20 bonus to your effectiveness in the air for 15 seconds and a big boost to your handling. This buff, which isn’t mentioned in the Fragment’s description, also speeds up the rate at which your weapon reloads.

The real reason to use this Fragment is to avoid having to reload during short damage-dealing stages in raids and dungeons. Hunters can use Widow’s Silk to make a place where their Grapple grenade can be used to grab something. Grab it with your Grapple to reload your weapon right away. And your grapple won’t use any energy as long as you stop it. Just grab, fire your weapon, and do it again. Once you get used to this plan, you won’t ever need to reload again.

Thread Of Mind

Each suspended target you kill gives you about 10% more energy for your class skill. At first look, this doesn’t seem like much, but when you start to think about Aspects, this Fragment really shows what it’s made of. There are two ways for each class to put goals on hold that depend on their class ability:

  • Threadrunners can put targets on hold by using their class skill.
  • Berserkers have a class power that makes targets stop moving.
  • Broodweavers can use Shackle Grenades to hold enemies in place while they kill them.

If Threadrunners and Berserkers use their kits properly, they can suspend targets more often, and Broodweavers can make their Rift ability work way too often just by killing enemies. Overall, Thread of Mind is a great Fragment for increasing the time that any class’s abilities are active.

Thread Of Warding

When it comes to endgame PvE activity, Woven Mail is what holds Strand together. Woven Mail is the best DR buff in the game. While it is active, it gives a whopping 60% damage protection (25% in PvP). Usually, you need a Berserker on your team to use this effect, but with Thread of Warding and some basic buildcrafting, you can have Woven Mail up nearly all the time.

In Destiny 2, making Orbs of Power has never been easier, thanks in large part to the changes made to mods that came with Lightfall. Ability kills, weapon kills, and Super final hits can all give you Orbs of Power, which make you almost impossible to kill for ten seconds. If you can find a way to keep getting Orbs of Power in the Crucible, that’s even better. Thread of Warding is a must-have for all Strand builds if you aren’t already getting Woven Mail from another source.

Thread Of Generation

Thread of Generation could be the most powerful Fragment that has ever been added to Destiny. No matter where the damage comes from, it will give a small amount of grenade energy.This works the same way as Super energy, giving you quick and steady sources of damage in exchange for quick cooldowns on your abilities.

No matter how good Woven Mail is, nothing can beat having an endless number of ways to use Shackle Grenades or Grapples. The best thing about this Fragment is that strong guns that clear out adds, like Osteo Striga and Machine Guns, really help it out. If you fire a few Osteo Striga shots into a crowd, your grenade energy will go through the roof. It fixes Grapple’s long cooldowns by itself, lets you spam Shackle Grenades, and makes it easy for Broodweavers to make Threadlings. That’s the best Fragment can do.

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