copywriting and content writing.

If you are into anything related to content then you might have heard of the words copywriting and content writing. They might sound very similar but they are different.

Today we are going to explore the difference between copywriting and content writing so that we can finally put an end to the confusion between these two terms.

When we talk about copywriting vs content writing, we need to understand the purpose behind these two types of writing. It is even more important to understand the use case of these words than it is to understand copywriting vs content writing examples.

So, let us look at the differences between copywriting and content writing.


·       PURPOSE


When we talk about copywriting you need to understand the purpose behind copywriting. Unlike content writing which has a different purpose, copywriting is there for sales purposes.

Copywriting is there so that people can be motivated to purchase something or subscribe to something or do any kind of action. The general purpose of copywriting is to help generate sales and create leads.


When we talk about content writing, the name is enough to help you understand the purpose. Content writing is simply writing content to inform people about something. It does not have to follow copywriting techniques to engage more audiences or get more sales.

However, there can be several content writing strategies so that better content can be provided to the readers. While copywriting might be a temporary form of quick engagement, content writing is a permanent form of creating brand awareness and brand authority.

·       FOCUS


The main focus of copywriting is to create urgency. That urgency can be in the form of sales and that urgency can be in the form of copywriting for conversions. The main focus of a copywriter is to write content that will compel the readers to take some action.

Copywriting is not about creating brand value and it is not about writing for the web for the purposes of better readership and relevance. Copywriting is about showcasing the USP of a product or a service. Copywriting best practices involve creating urgency for the audience to buy something.


The focus of content writing can depend on the content.  It can be highlighting new products and it can be defining a company. Content writing for SEO is a very common focus point. Content writing for blogs is also quite popular.

The point is that content writing can have different points of focus. It can focus on answering common questions and it can focus on exploring a topic in great detail.  Content writing is not here to sell things to people but it aims at providing experiences and information to people. 



Copywriting needs to use powerful language to be effective. You must understand that copywriting is for advertisements. It is for telling people that they should buy something.  It uses attention-grabbing language with a lot of emotion and seriousness.

It is not calm and relaxed and it is not at all conversational. This might be the biggest difference between copywriting and content writing. Effective copywriting means using strong language aimed at the benefits and values of products.


Content writing follows a very calm and peaceful tone of voice. Sometimes good content writing can even feel like a conversation with a friend. Content writing is there to help the readers understand things.

Content writing is not there to force someone to buy something because they might need it. Content writing is mostly used for websites and content writing for websites follows a formal and relaxed tone. Sometimes it can even be in the form of telling a story or adding humour to the piece.



When we talk about copywriting it is about writing impactful content for advertisements and sales. That is why we are going to see copywriting on sales pages as well as product descriptions.

We can also see copywriting in other places such as email marketing campaigns as well as any other places for promotional and advertisement material. The content is written in a way to grab attention and it is not a long format content.


When it comes to content writing, we can see it everywhere on the internet from places like social media posts to blog posts. We can also see content writing in educational material as well as informative material.

Content writing is usually a long format which allows for more information. Content writing does not involve grabbing the attention of the readers and it can be more relaxed. Content writing is about conveying as much information as possible and going in-depth into topics. It is value over attention.



While SEO can be one of the important aspects of copywriting but it is not the primary concern. Copywriting usually gives more importance to the primary focus of copywriting which is quick action-taking. While not the primary concern, search engine optimisation (SEO) can still be used when it comes to copywriting. However, keyword usage is very important when it comes to copywriting.

This is because keyword usage will help people search for the products and find the products as a product listing. Keywords are mandatory but SEO is not mandatory but it is preferably used.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important consideration when it comes to content writing. This is because the content needs to invoke brand authority and brand awareness, which is one of the main points of focus.

What proper SEO does is that it makes the content more relevant thereby making it possible for it to reach more people.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing. Both are important when it comes to a brand or a business and both have their different and equally important roles.

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