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Blooket Join lets users create and play educational quizzes, activities and games online. Blooket games require a join code from the host.

About Blooket

Blooket Join is an educational gaming website. Interactive tests, games and exercises are available for all ages. Blooket lets instructors create engaging courses for math, science, language arts, and more. Students can input unique join codes and compete in multiplayer or solo games. Blooket Join encourages active learning by awarding points and rewards to students. It encourages collaborative learning, information retention and entertainment.

Blooket registration and login

Blooket Registration and Login Instructions:

Sign up:

  • ” Blooket join” in the browser.
  • Visit
  • There are two options on the Blooket login page: Instructor and Student.
  • Teachers should select “Sign up as a teacher”. student? Select “Sign up as a student”.
  • Enter your name, grade, country, login, password and other information.
  • Click “Sign Up” to set up your Blooket account.
  • You will receive a Blooket Access Code to your email address.

log in:

  • Visit
  • Enter your Blooket login credentials.
  • Click “Log In” to access your Blooket Join account dashboard.
  • First time login requires verification. Follow the account verification prompts.
  • After logging in, you can create a game, join a game using a join code, or explore instructional content on Blooket.

Remember your username and password for future logins. Forgot your password? “forgot password?” Click on Go to the login page and follow the instructions.

Blooket joins the game: how?

Log In: Log in using your username and password at

Your Role: Select a teacher or student on the Blooket dashboard. student? Select “Student”.

Play Live: Find “Live Games” on the Blooket dashboard. Game ID codes are given by teachers. Paste the code into the “Live Games” code bar.

After providing the Game ID code, click on “Join”. Code-related games are generated. Once the learning starts you can play.

Play Games: Play activities and quizzes when the game starts. To earn points, follow on screen instructions, answer questions and complete tasks.

Multiple choice, true or false, word jumble and much more are available on Blooket. Each game style includes rules and goals.

Play and answer questions correctly to get rewards. They unlock items, let you design your profile and compete with other gamers. After you finish one game, you can join another or browse the other games and quizzes on Blooket. Enter or browse for your teacher’s new Game ID code. Follow the instructions of a teacher or game host. Have fun learning while playing Blooket!

Understanding Blooket and Score?

Follow these Blooket leveling and point-earning tips:

Right answer:

Answer quizzes and games correctly. Correct answers get points. Take the time to answer the questions.

Use Power-Ups:

Blooket’s power-ups can help. Power-ups can boost performance or get points. Use power-ups judiciously throughout the game.

To be active:

Actively playing Blooket join game earns you more points. Answer all the questions and stay involved. Participation increases the total points.

Level up:

Blooket leveling is based on points. Leveling up unlocks characters, powers, and abilities. Earn points to level up and unlock cool features.

To be precise:

Some sports require agility, but accuracy is key. It is better to go slowly and answer correctly than to rush and make mistakes. Accuracy will help you to score more marks.

Miscellaneous Sports:

Blooket has games, quizzes and activities. Find your best gaming mode. Diversify your gaming to get more scores and levels.

Try it:

Try to improve each game. Improve your score by answering more questions correctly. Challenge yourself to improve and get more score. Blooket Join promotes joyful learning experiences. Enjoy the games following the accuracy and evolution.

How to invite Blooket to your friends?

Steps to invite friends on Blooket:

  • “Connect” is on the Blooket Join dashboard. In the navigation menu or sidebar.
  • Click “Invite”. Request friends in Connect. Click “Invite”.
  • Blooket will request the email addresses of your friends. Enter their email.
  • Click “Send” after connecting to the email address. Blooket invites friends via email.
  • If your friends receive the invitation, they can join Blooket and add you.
  • When friends join Blooket, play games with them. Create a game and invite others using the Join Code.
  • Invite friends to Blooket to enjoy learning.

What are the Blooket benefits?

Interactive Learning:

Blooket games and quizzes encourage learning. It makes learning exciting by turning standard instructional information into interactive games.

Sharing knowledge:

Blooket lets teachers and students collaborate. Students can learn through interactive games and quizzes created by teachers.

Engaged and Motivated:

The fresh and interesting content on Blooket attracts the students. Rewards and points systems motivate students to grow.

Creative Customization:

The Blooket Join dashboard lets teachers design games to meet their goals and students’ needs. It encourages creativity and gives teachers the flexibility to create curriculum-aligned interactive lessons.

Encouraging Learning:

Blooket makes learning fun. Blooket programs engage and excite students, improving engagement, retention and learning satisfaction.

Knowledge Reinforcement:

Blooket games can reinforce and review ideas. Students can better understand and remember the material by playing the game.

Competition and Cooperation:

Multiplayer games on Blooket encourage student collaboration and competitiveness. This encourages collaboration, communication and critical thinking as students collaborate or compete.

Easy Access:

Blooket is available online. It allows professors and students to connect without having to attend class. Blooket uses gamification to make learning enjoyable and valuable for students. It inspires, sustains and makes learning fun. Enjoy educational gaming and create fun quizzes and activities!

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Students can play and learn on play.blooket.join. Its user-friendly design, gaming dynamics, power-ups and progress monitoring make learning fun and hands-on. Educational activities and learning are safe at Blooket.

FAQs (Frequently Asked question)

Blooket: Kid Friendly?

Blooket joining keeps young people safe. It provides safe online educational games and activities. However, parents and educators should monitor children’s Internet use.

Is Blooket: Free?

Blooket membership is free. It provides free features and instructions.

Why use Blooket in the classroom?

Blooket has many class benefits. It encourages interactive learning, gamification, content modification, and teacher-student collaboration.

Who is the founder of Blooket?

Ben Stewart and Tom founded Blooket in 2018.

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