You shouldn’t set up your dangerous traps without these things.

Meet Your Maker is all about the traps, and how you change them affects how well they kill raiders. Whether you’re raiding bases with traps or building your own, you’ll need to spend money on traps and mods. There are nine traps in the game, and each one has at least three or four mods. This gives you a lot of choices.

When a raider gets the GenMat, the Second Wave mod turns on some traps like the Boltshot and the Impaler. Because of this, they are a great way to defend your base when a looter is leaving. It’s an important mod, but it’s only useful in the second wave, before the trap becomes invisible. Other mods would think it was wrong to rank the Second Wave mod, but they won’t.

Impaler Unrelenting Mod

Impaler is a simple trap that shoots spikes when someone stands on it or gets close to it. It only does that one thing, and it does it well. The trap is easy and cheap to make, so it is the mainstay of most bases. It’s also the trap you’ll run into most often when you raid bases yourself. If you don’t have the Unrelenting mod loaded, the trap will only go off once.

The mod lets the trap be set off over and over again until it is destroyed. This can make raiders confused if they aren’t used to the trap going off again. It’s also cheap to set up and makes the trap a little less predictable.

Boltshot Hunter Mod

Arrows come out of the Boltshot in a straight line. It has a pretty good range, and if you’re in a long hallway, it’s hard to avoid it. It’s the second most common trick in Eggy Car game, and you can use it as soon as you start. When you add that to how cheap it is to make, you have a trap that works well and everyone likes to use.

The Hunter Mod for Boltshot makes the bolts go back to where they came from. The result isn’t very strong, since the arrows won’t go after the raiders, but it’s enough to make their path more unpredictable.

Corrosive Cube Opaque Mod

The Corrosive Cube isn’t really a trap. It’s more of a useful block. Yes, it kills raiders who touch it, but it’s very easy to stay away from. It also shines yellow, which makes it easy to see and stay away from. You can see right through the trap because it is clear. If you put a trap behind the Corrosive Cube, a raider can shoot through it to kill it.

With the Opaque mod for the Corrosive Cube, the pool of acid can no longer be seen through. You can now put traps, guards, or another cube behind it, and raiders won’t know what’s waiting for them.

Holocube Picture Perfect Mod

The Holocube is an image of a block that disappears when a raider gets close to it. So, the cube can hide other guards or traps behind it. The only bad thing about the Holocube is that it gives off a glint that can be easily seen by thieves.

With the Picture Perfect mod, the Holocube’s shine and glint are greatly reduced. This makes it hard to spot and adds to the trap’s ability to blend in.

Death Piston Unstable Mod

Dead Piston moves a heavy piston backwards at a very high speed, destroying anything in its way. It’s a great way to stop robbers in their tracks and make them wait for the piston to fall. Also, the piston won’t stop moving until it breaks.

The Unstable Mod turns the piston from being stable to being wild. Now, the piston moves in a way that has no reason or rhythm. Because it can’t be predicted, it is a dangerous trap that raiders would rush to destroy.

Iron Claw Quick Launch Mod

Iron Claw is like a Claw Machine that catches raiders and brings them to the launch place. The trap doesn’t do any damage by itself, but when paired with other traps, it can be very effective. With the Quick Launch mod, the claw can grab the raiders more quickly.

But the speed of the return is still the same. With this simple change, you don’t have to respond as quickly at first to avoid the claw. The trap makes you feel like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Don’t forget to say “Get over here” though.

Incinerator Dragon Breath Mod

The Incinerator is a great way to get rid of raiders. It fires a wall of flames in front of it, cooking anything that gets in its way. The trap is a great way to stop robbers in their tracks and make them wait until the fires go out.

Installing the Dragon Breath mod will not only make the trap’s detection range bigger, but it will also make the flames reach farther. It’s a must-have mod if you want to burn people who come to your base.

Bomb Ejector Chaos Bombs Mod

Want to feel like Junkrat from Overwatch 2? Well, you can if you use the Bomb Ejector trap and the Chaos Bombs mod together. The Bomb Ejector drops a few bombs and lets them go off.

You can also make the bombs roll by putting a hill under the trap. If you install the Chaos Bombs mod, the bombs will go in different directions and bounce in different ways. This will make it hard and messy for the raiders to stay away from them.

Plasma Sentinel Plasma Cloud Mod

The best trap in the game is the Plasma Sentinel. It fires plasma balls that look for thieves. The ball also does damage over a wide area, which makes it hard to get away from it. Now, if you add the Plasma Cloud mod, the super-hot ball will leave behind a cloud of dangerous plasma.

This will stop the raiders from getting anywhere while they wait for the cloud to clear. If they don’t get rid of the trap, another ball is coming their way. If you like Fallout’s Plasma Guns, this trap is made just for you.

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