Here are the most important materials you can get in Tears of the Kingdom, whether you want them for money, to use them, or to brag about them.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of rare foods, stones, parts, and other material you’ll want to get your hands on. Materials can be made into fusion fuel for guns or used as ingredients in food and elixirs.

Some rare items have more than one use. For example, a powerful fusion material can also be an expensive item to sell. But value isn’t always based on how rare something is. For example, some of these materials are everywhere, but they can be used up just as quickly.

Whether you’re on a scavenger hunt or just need to make copies of some things, you’ll need these materials.

Like Like Stones

The Like Like Stone is an amazing item that can be used for many things, but it works best as a making material. You can also use these as fusion items for hammer-class weapons if you’re in a real jam, but that won’t make the most of their special skills.

In addition to being used in battle, Like Like Stones can also be used to make paints. After you get a new dye, you should go to Hateno Dye Shop to change the colour design on your paraglider. Try different things with Like Like Stones to see what you find.

Zonai Charges

Zonai Charges are a great example of something you’ll use as soon as you find it, so buy a lot of them. When Zonai charges are put into Zonai Device Dispensers, the same number of new devices are given out.

When you use Zonai Devices, you can also use Zonai Charges to fill up your energy cell charge (the power metre). Lastly, and least interestingly, you can just put one of these on the end of an arrow to make it do more damage, but you should try not to waste them in battle.

Star Fragments

These very rare things are sometimes dropped by falling stars you can see in the Hyrulian Sky. Find them by looking for their long, fluffy tails, which show where they are as they fall. Once you get one, be happy, but get ready to look for a lot more.

Star Fragments can be stuck to the end of weapons, like Magic Rods, to make a light effect that lights up the area. You can trade them for Great Fairies to improve your armour or sell them if you need Rupees badly. But selling them is not a good idea, so just use these rare things to make your armour and weapons better.

Lynel Parts

As you get further into the game and need stronger tools to fight your enemies, Lynel Parts will become very useful. White-Maned Lynel Parts, in particular, give a great boost to damage that can easily turn any base weapon from 0 to 1.

If you want to make the strongest weapons on Tears of the Kingdom, you have to have these. You can also use these as parts of monsters in elixirs, but their main purpose is to make your weapons stronger, which they do very well.


You should save as many dandelion leaves as you can because they are a very important element. These handy little flowers are important parts of meals that bring your Gloom-weary hearts back to life. You can also bring these hearts back to life by going back to the surface or stopping to rest at a Lightroot.

Instead of stopping your whole Depths adventure, just make a few meals that heal your hearts and add Sundelions to them to make them heal your Gloom. Even though the Sundelion is useless in most ways, its one use is key to your safety and an important part of any trip into the unknown. When exploring the Depths, it’s very helpful to be able to keep finding new places.

Dragon Parts

Dragon parts, like Scales and Shards, are very rare materials that you can get by jumping on top of dragons as they fly through the sky of Hyrule. Keep in mind that some dragons can fly into the Depths, so check around the chasms to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

When fused with certain base things, these parts can be used in different ways and even make new weapons. They can also be mixed into elixirs to make their effects last longer. It will take time to find these parts, so don’t rush to use your stash before you’ve decided what you need them for most.

Bomb Flowers

Bomb Flowers are probably the most useful fusion item, since they can be used in a lot of different ways, especially during tasks and in the Depths. There are a lot of bomb flowers, but there are also a lot of secret passages that are blocked by boulders all over Hyrule. You can use these bombs to clear paths in caves and to solve tasks in dungeons and mini-dungeons.

Bomb Flowers are great against The Gloom because the hands aren’t very good at shooting and will be stunned for a moment by Bomb Flowers. The blast also does a lot of damage, so a few well-placed flowers should be enough to kill a group of Gloom.


Zonaite is an important exchange material that can be used to get Zonai-related things and upgrades, like Zonai Charges and Energy Wells. Energy Wells will make it possible for your Zonai Devices to use more battery power for good.

It’s much smarter to save Zonaite to buy Energy Wells than to spend it on Zonai Charges, which are easy to get after beating Constructs. In a pinch, you can also use zonaite as a fusion material, but its main use is by far the most important. Most zonaite is mined from dark, shiny ore sources in caves.

Big Hearty Radishes

Big, hearty radishes are an important ingredient that can be used in a lot of different meals. When added to a recipe, Big Hearty Radishes will restore all of your hearts and briefly raise the most hearts you can have at once.

These radishes are hard to value even as a material that only contains ingredients.

Truffles and Big Heart Radishes have similar benefits in Flappy Bird, but this root vegetable is better than the others because it lets you get an extra heart back if you need to eat one raw to stay alive.


Diamonds are one of the most useful materials because they can be used for so many different things. First of all, Diamonds are very valuable, and their price of 500 Rupees makes them hard to pass up if you’re short on cash.

Second, you can use diamonds to make fusion materials for your guns. At the end of any fast-swinging base weapon, diamonds form a blade that looks like a sword. Many hilts look great with the big 25-point damage boost.

Last but not least, you can also use Diamonds to buy the weapons of the champions in each area. For example, Teba’s strong weapon will cost him three Diamonds, a Swallow Bow, and five bundles of wood. If you have a lot of Diamonds, have fun putting them on your new bow’s shots.

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