With the following changes, the classes in Divinity: Original Sin 2 can be improved.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a huge number of options for making characters and can be played over and over again. With so many Skill trees to choose from, players are free to mix and match to make unique combos that fit their playstyle. But there is always room for more in a game like this.

For people who already know how to play the game or who just want a few more options, mod makers have made amazing Classes that change the existing Skills or add totally new ones. It’s always fun to find something new in a game you already know and love and see it in a whole new way.

Hydrosophist Class Overhaul

The Hydrophist update is a great choice for players who want to give an old and well-liked Skill tree a new look. Most of the skills have been changed in some way, so the original kit feels both old and new at the same time.

On top of that, there are 15 brand-new skills for mages to choose from. This gives them a lot more options and lets them build and play the class in even more creative ways. This mod also adds Tridents, which are water-themed weapons that are based on Intelligence and work well for many mages. They give players access to the true power of the ocean.

Pyrokinetic Class Overhaul

Odinblade also has a mod that changes the way the Pyrokinetic Skill Tree works. Fire has always been a strong and dangerous element in Divinity: Original Sin 2, and many changes and new Skills make it even better.

Some of the most popular spells from the first game, like the Burning Touch and Purifying Fire, are also brought back by this Mod. Overall, Odinblade has done a great job with this and many other changes to the Skill Tree that deserve to be on their own list and have been enjoyed by the community for years.

Chronomancer Class

This mod does a great job of adding a whole new set of skills, including the ability to bend and control time itself. With the many new skills, you can both help your friends and hurt your enemies. From buffs and heals to powerful crowd control options and powerful hits.

The images are gorgeous and have a magical, “Sands of Time”-like feel to them. This is a pretty good way for a mage build to deal physical damage, and some of the skills even get better as the fight goes on.

Valkyrie Class

The Valkyrie class is a great choice for players who want a warrior/support character with a Norse theme. The mod gives you 20 new skills, and each one has its own animations and effects. The class adds a lot of useful things, like the ability to move, buffs, and simple attacks.

It works very well with Warfare and the idea of raw strength, as it does a lot to make a person stronger and better at using physical weapons. It can be a great character on its own, or it can help the whole group.

Berserker Class

With the Berserker, you can play a martial arts class in a whole new way. Berserkers can destroy armies because they do so much damage, but they pay for it by being less likely to survive. The class is based on a new ability called “Fury.” Some Berserker Skills use “Furiy.” With each level of “Furiy,” the character’s power and chance of getting a critical hit go up, but their defences go down.

Bloodlust is a skill that adds Lifesteal to physical hits, which helps make up for the risky way of playing. Overall, this is a great character with a high risk and high return that makes melee fights even more fun.

Priest Class

As its name suggests, the Priest is a support class that gives 8 Ball Pool game more than 20 new skills. As it stands, the standard game doesn’t really have a “support” class. The Hydrosophist is the closest thing to it.

The Priest is a great addition to almost any team because he or she can buff and heal friends and boost everyone’s strength and morale. There are also some damaging skills that can be used to protect the group in a pinch, as well as some unique spells that can, for example, send an unholy thing back to where it came from.

Astronomer Class

The Astronomer is an interesting class of mage that adds two new types of magic based on the Sun and Moon. The damage and usefulness are shown by the two. Sun spells can stop very powerful attacks, and Moon spells can help friends, hide them, and protect them.

It is a very complicated way to play this class because it adds a new feature called “combination.” When you combine spells from two different schools, you get new powers that belong to the Eclipse school. Overall, it’s a very fun and satisfying class to play, especially for people who want to try out new ways to use magic.

Succubus Class

This class is great for people who want to be charming, sneaky, and manipulative on and off the battlefield. With 18 new skills to learn, this mod gives players a lot of ways to try out new things and see the battlefield in a different way.

The Succubus is very good at taking control of enemies and stealing their lives. It also has a few buffs that it can give to the rest of the group. Most people in this class don’t like being in the spotlight and would rather cause trouble from behind. At higher levels, they can even change into their true evil forms, which gives them extra powers and makes their enemies scared and hurt.

Umbra Class

This is a unique take on the assassin archetype, with a lot of cool powers and ways to play. The Umbral are unique because they can change the type of damage they do on the fly between their two forms, Order and Chaos.

Depending on which form is active, the two forms do different kinds of damage and give Umbral skills different benefits. Overall, this is a very powerful and mobile class that can easily take care of multiple enemies without ever leaving stealth.

Spectre Class

Spectres are a unique take on a figure like a Lich. It’s interesting to note that the Spectre hurts its enemies physically and likes to fight up close. The skills are based on a new system called “Agony.” Pain does damage every round and can be stacked up to 5 times. Some powers of the Spectre work with Agony in many different ways.

This class is good for both new and experienced players because it adds something new and different to the basic classes without taking anything away from them. This is a great way to spice up a game and look at magic in a different way.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch, the iOS App Store, the Mac, the PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.

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